Rock Paper Digital Freelance Writing

I write freelance articles from time to time.

I specialise in writing about the internet, digital content, and where business meets technology.

If you’d like me to write something for you, please drop me a line via LinkedIn

Here are some examples of my writing:

  1. Top 10 Tips to Being a Brilliant Project Manager

  2. The Trouble with Tech Talk

  3. From Zero to Startup Hero

  4. Five Ways to Ensure Project Lift Off

  5. Leading the Way - A Woman’s Journey Through IT

  6. Fallout Strategy for IT Project Managers - How to handle the blame game

  7. Killer Email Tactics for Startups

  8. 5 Steps to Secure Remote Working for Small Business

  9. Good Financial Management - The Bedrock of Success

  10. Startups and the Little Apprentice

  11. The XY Factor in HTML - How the fairer sex fares in digital project management

  12. Hackers and Hacking - An eBook Guide

  13. Bring Your Own Device - An eBook Guide


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